Backstage Reaction to AEW Collision’s Debut Episode Revealed

Following the conclusion of the inaugural episode of AEW Collision, insiders have shed light on the backstage reaction to the show.

The highly anticipated premiere of AEW Collision took place on June 17 and left a lasting impression on viewers. Notable highlights included a passionate promo by CM Punk and a title changing hands, adding to the excitement of the event.

With data analysis indicating a significant surge in fan searches for “AEW Collision,” it comes as no surprise that the backstage response was also overwhelmingly positive.

According to reliable sources at PW Insider, the general consensus backstage was exceedingly favorable, with feedback ranging from supportive to enthusiastic. The show was widely regarded as a success, as it managed to capture a distinct atmosphere separate from AEW Dynamite.

Contrary to previous reports suggesting a roster division between AEW Dynamite and Collision, Tony Khan, the president of All Elite Wrestling, recently clarified that the two shows share a common roster. He emphasized that rivalries can seamlessly transcend between the programs, fostering continuity and excitement for viewers.

Looking ahead, fans can anticipate CM Punk’s upcoming appearance on the June 21 episode of AEW Dynamite in his hometown of Chicago. The Elite will also make appearances through pre-taped segments, further adding to the anticipation and intrigue surrounding future episodes of AEW programming.

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