Big Backstage Update On Potential AEW Roster Split

According to a report by Fightful Select, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has been deliberating the possibility of a roster split, despite Tony Khan’s recent statements indicating otherwise. Additional information has emerged shedding light on this matter.

As early as a month ago, internal documents and communications within AEW hinted at the establishment of two distinct rosters for Collision and Dynamite, the promotion’s flagship shows. However, special considerations were to be made for champions, implying that they might have exemptions from the split.

This decision sparked a range of reactions among AEW talent. Some wrestlers expressed dissatisfaction, as they would potentially miss out on opportunities such as independent bookings and signings. Historically, AEW has viewed these outside ventures as a perk, with the promotion being the primary focus for their contracted talent. Conversely, there were others who welcomed the move, hoping it would help alleviate the reported backstage drama and conflicts that have plagued AEW in recent years.

Initially, AEW had planned for a definitive split between the rosters. However, the company later informed certain individuals on the roster that the split would be more flexible, with some degree of intermingling between the two rosters. According to sources cited by Fightful Select, there were individuals within AEW who preferred no split at all but acknowledged that, under the right circumstances, a split could work.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that AEW had considered trademarking the term “transfer portal” in connection to the roster split. However, this idea has been put on hold for the time being.

Source: Fightful Select

Photo Credit: AEW

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