Dominik Mysterio Embraces His Heel Persona: ‘I’ve Always Had That Side’

In a recent interview with Kenny McIntosh for Inside The Ropes, Dominik Mysterio delves into the process of developing his heel persona and his enthusiasm for it. He reveals that, deep down, he has always possessed a certain edginess, referring to himself as “kinda just a dick.” Furthermore, he expresses his long-standing desire to play the role of a villain and how he seized the opportunity when it presented itself.

When asked about his transformation into a heel, Mysterio replied, “I don’t know. I think it’s something that has always been hidden within me, this innate inclination to be somewhat of a jerk. It just came naturally, like everything else. I can’t pinpoint exactly what triggered it, but I believe that training with Lance and Jay Lethal played a significant role. People assumed I would follow in my dad’s footsteps and be a goody-two-shoes, a babyface all the time.”

Continuing, he shares his preference for portraying a villainous character during practice matches, even though everyone expected him to embrace a heroic persona. “During my training sessions, I would always choose to be the heel. I wanted to be the bad guy. Being able to step into that character was always exhilarating for me. So, when the opportunity finally came, I made a conscious decision not to let it slip away. This was my chance to fulfill my lifelong aspiration of becoming the bad guy. Figures like Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, and Chris Jericho, who I grew up watching, inspired me to pursue this path.”

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