Mr Kennedy Reveals His Dream WWE Match

Former WWE star Mr. Kennedy may have been absent from the wrestling ring since 2009, but his name continues to be associated with a potential comeback, especially during the Royal Rumble season. The unwavering support from fans has kept his aspirations alive, and in a recent interview with “UnSKripted,” he disclosed his dream opponent for a return match.

Without hesitation, Kennedy expressed, “My absolute dream opponent of all time, hands down, would be Steve Austin. I was thrilled when Kevin Owens had the opportunity to face him a few years ago. What an incredible moment. That would be my ultimate dream match.”

While there is currently no indication that Austin will step back into the squared circle in any capacity after his WrestleMania 38 bout, it would require a series of fortunate events for Kennedy’s dream to become a reality. Nevertheless, there are two active members of the current WWE roster that Kennedy wouldn’t mind sharing the ring with if given the chance.

“I would absolutely love to wrestle Seth Rollins. I’ve had the privilege of facing AJ Styles numerous times during my tenure in Impact Wrestling, back when I was with TNA,” Kennedy revealed. “In my opinion, AJ Styles is still the best wrestler in the world. He possesses remarkable versatility and can adapt to any opponent.”

Kennedy recently disclosed that he is returning to the wrestling business after taking a break in 2019. He also expressed his willingness to explore a managerial role, similar to MVP’s current position, if the opportunity presents itself.

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