Report: WWE’s Plans Regarding Roman Reigns and Multiple World Title Belts

In a recent development, Roman Reigns, the reigning WWE Universal Champion, was honored with a new Undisputed WWE Universal Championship after an impressive reign of 1,000 days. However, Reigns has chosen to retain possession of the old WWE and Universal title belts, which have been showcased alongside him by Paul Heyman during recent episodes of SmackDown.

Sources indicate that the decision to display the old title belts on television serves the purpose of preserving the history associated with both the WWE and Universal championships, which have a rich lineage. The WWE Championship has been a prominent fixture in the wrestling industry since the 1960s, undergoing various redesigns over the years. Meanwhile, the Universal Title was introduced in 2016 and has become strongly linked to Reigns, particularly during his extensive championship reign.

For the time being, Reigns and Heyman will continue to carry all three title belts on television. However, a report from Better Wrestling Experience suggests that the WWE and Universal title belts will eventually be retired, ceasing their appearances alongside Reigns. The exact timeline for their removal from Reigns’ presentation remains uncertain.

Another aspect shrouded in mystery is the date of Reigns’ next defense of the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship on TV. Currently, the leader of The Bloodline is slated to compete at Money in the Bank, where he will team up with Solo Sikoa to face off against The Usos in a ‘Bloodline Civil War’ tag team match. The event is scheduled to take place on July 1 at The O2 in London, England.

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