The 10 Best Matches in WWE History

WWE has provided fans with countless memorable moments throughout its storied history. From larger-than-life characters to dramatic storylines, WWE has captivated audiences worldwide. One of the key components that make WWE so special is the incredible in-ring action. With that in mind, here are ten matches that are often regarded as the very best in WWE history.

  1. The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels – WrestleMania 25 (2009): WrestleMania 25 witnessed an extraordinary clash between two legends. The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels delivered an unforgettable encounter that showcased their unparalleled skills. The match was filled with high spots, near falls, and dramatic storytelling, culminating in a breathtaking conclusion.
  2. Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin – WrestleMania 13 (1997): WrestleMania 13 featured an iconic submission match between Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin. This match played a pivotal role in the transformation of Austin’s character and solidified his place as one of the biggest stars in WWE history. The hard-hitting action combined with the dramatic double-turn made this match a classic.
  3. The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin – WrestleMania X-Seven (2001): WrestleMania X-Seven showcased a monumental showdown between two of WWE’s biggest icons, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. The match had an intense atmosphere, incredible storytelling, and a shocking ending that left fans in awe. The Rock and Austin’s chemistry was off the charts, making this an unforgettable encounter.
  4. The Undertaker vs. Mankind – Hell in a Cell, King of the Ring (1998): The Hell in a Cell match between The Undertaker and Mankind at King of the Ring 1998 is infamous for its brutal and death-defying moments. Mick Foley, wrestling as Mankind, took horrifying bumps off and through the cell, captivating viewers with the sheer spectacle of the match. The unforgettable image of The Undertaker tossing Mankind off the cell is etched into WWE history.
  5. Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H – SummerSlam 2002: Shawn Michaels came out of retirement to face his former friend Triple H in an emotional battle at SummerSlam 2002. The match showcased incredible athleticism, psychology, and a gripping narrative of betrayal and redemption. Michaels’ triumphant return to the ring after a four-year absence made this match a true masterpiece.
  6. John Cena vs. CM Punk – Money in the Bank 2011: Money in the Bank 2011 featured a clash between two of WWE’s top stars, John Cena and CM Punk. The match was filled with electrifying action and a compelling story of Punk’s impending departure from the company. The Chicago crowd’s passionate response elevated the atmosphere, making this match an instant classic.
  7. Eddie Guerrero vs. Brock Lesnar – No Way Out 2004: No Way Out 2004 witnessed an emotional encounter between Eddie Guerrero and Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship. Guerrero’s underdog story, combined with his incredible charisma, resonated with the audience. The match itself was a rollercoaster of emotions, showcasing Guerrero’s resilience and determination to overcome the dominant Lesnar.
  8. Kurt Angle vs. Shane McMahon – King of the Ring 2001: King of the Ring 2001 featured an unexpected clash between Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon in a street fight. Despite Shane’s limited wrestling experience, both competitors delivered a captivating match filled with jaw-dropping spots and intense action. McMahon’s fearless stunts and Angle’s technical prowess made this match a unique spectacle.
  9. Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat – WrestleMania III (1987): WrestleMania III witnessed an iconic encounter between Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat for the Intercontinental Championship. The match is widely regarded as one of the greatest technical wrestling matches in WWE history. The precision and fluidity of Steamboat’s offense, combined with Savage’s storytelling abilities, created an instant classic.
  10. The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan – WrestleMania X8 (2002): WrestleMania X8 featured a dream match between two of the biggest names in wrestling history, The Rock and Hulk Hogan. The match had an electric atmosphere, as the crowd was split between two legendary icons. The clash of charisma, crowd reactions, and the epic showdown made this match a defining moment in WWE history.

WWE has produced countless memorable matches over the years, and the ten listed above represent some of the absolute best. From the emotional storytelling to the incredible in-ring action, these matches have left an indelible mark on WWE history. While personal preferences may vary, it is hard to deny the impact and excitement generated by these unforgettable encounters. These matches serve as a testament to the skill, athleticism, and showmanship that have made WWE a global phenomenon.

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