Tommy Dreamer Diagnosed With Skin Cancer

Tommy Dreamer, the renowned wrestler who made his mark in WWE/ECW and now part of Impact Wrestling, recently shared some deeply personal news on his “House of Hardcore” podcast. He bravely revealed that he has been diagnosed with skin cancer for the third time, prompting an outpouring of support from fans.

Dreamer humorously addressed the curiosity surrounding his shiny bald head, playfully speculating if it was the result of his wild wrestling matches or other daring escapades. However, he candidly admitted that the shine is actually due to skin cancer, attributing it to his “Guido” persona and the consequences of his past choices. Embracing his hardcore identity, he declared, “That’s right. Being a Guido all these years has caught up to me. This is the second time, no, the third time I’ve had skin cancer, and of course, it’s on my head, but I’m not a pretty boy anymore. I’m hardcore.”

Dreamer detailed his experiences with Mohs surgery, a procedure he has undergone before on his chest and head. He vividly described the strange sensations during the surgery, the numbing agents that dulled the pain but allowed him to hear the scalpel cutting and the stitching process. Reflecting on the 42 stitches he received—23 on the outside and 19 inside—he humorously contemplated the possibility of a raised eyebrow due to tightly pulled stitches, jokingly remarking about a potential impromptu facelift. Dreamer recounted, “You don’t feel it, but you can hear it going into your skin and the tightening of the thread. It’s gross.”

Dreamer disclosed that he took a hiatus from television due to personal reasons, including concerns for his mother’s health. In an effort to shield her from unnecessary worry, he chose not to inform her about his skin cancer diagnosis. Having been aware of his condition for a couple of months, Dreamer experienced a mix of anticipation and concern leading up to the surgery. Fortunately, he expressed relief and gratitude that the surgery was successful, allowing him to continue with his podcast.

Acknowledging the factors contributing to his skin cancer, Dreamer took responsibility for his lack of sunscreen use and confessed to frequenting tanning beds. While briefly alluding to differing opinions on vaccines and related topics, Dreamer opted not to delve into those discussions during this particular episode, stating, “I’m just not a very, very, COVID, will, there’ll be a whole bunch of other stuff that’ll happen once you got vaccinated. That’ll be a whole other generation from now.”

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

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