Major Match Will No Longer Happen At Forbidden Door

According to a report by Fightful Select, there has been a change of plans regarding the match between KENTA and CM Punk at the NJPW Forbidden Door event. It has been revealed that KENTA informed both NJPW and AEW that he will not be facing CM Punk at the show. This information began circulating during the Collision event last week.

Fightful learned from NJPW sources that KENTA and CM Punk were initially scheduled to compete against each other at the Forbidden Door event. However, as of this past weekend, the match was no longer taking place. Although the reason for the change was not provided, it became evident when KENTA tweeted, “Kenta vs Punk is never going to happen,” indicating that he was no longer part of the match.

Based on the information gathered, CM Punk was reportedly open to the match, and alternative options were being considered for him as of Saturday. When Fightful reached out to NJPW sources to inquire about KENTA, they confirmed that most of the top NJPW talents had already been booked for matches against other opponents, although these matchups had not been officially announced.

Photo Credit: AEW

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