Raw Underground To Be Revived

Prepare for the revival of Raw Underground!

Damon Kemp and Eddy Thorpe have been embroiled in a fierce rivalry over the past few weeks, with Thorpe emerging victorious in two singles matches against Kemp. However, Kemp is determined to turn the tide in his favor, leading both competitors to agree on a highly-anticipated rematch.

During the latest episode of WWE NXT on June 20, Kemp took charge and declared that their rematch would take place in a Raw Underground match. As he reminded Thorpe of the unique rules, it was revealed that they would step into a 20×20 ring devoid of ropes. The only paths to victory would be through knockout, TKO, or submission. Kemp made it clear that his experience “training in the trenches” would give him the edge.

Later in the show, Thorpe was shown studying footage of previous Raw Underground matches, realizing the need to assemble a formidable fight camp. Surprisingly, Gable Steveson made an appearance and offered his assistance in preparation. Steveson, being Kemp’s real-life brother, possessed an intimate understanding of his opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

Steveson boasts an impressive wrestling background, having secured two national championships while representing the University of Minnesota. His prowess extended to the international stage, as he clinched a gold medal in freestyle wrestling at the 2020 Olympics. After signing with WWE in September 2021, he was drafted to the Raw brand during the 2021 WWE Draft.

Get ready for a high-stakes showdown as Kemp and Thorpe dive headfirst into the electrifying world of Raw Underground on July 4.

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