Top AEW Star Left Dynamite In A “Bad Mood” Due To Locker Room Tension

In the aftermath of CM Punk’s highly anticipated return to AEW, concerns have emerged within the locker room, with one prominent figure describing the situation as a “ticking time bomb.”

Although it has only been a week since Punk’s comeback, doubts have arisen behind the scenes about the long-term viability of AEW’s current strategy of keeping Punk and The Elite apart. Wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer shed light on this issue in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, revealing that a respected AEW performer left the Dynamite show feeling disgruntled about the overall situation.

Meltzer stated:

“One prominent wrestler confided in us that they left Wednesday’s show in a sour mood. Despite the key individuals being kept separate and not appearing on the same shows, this wrestler expressed concerns about the potential explosive outcome that may not end well.”

Initially, it was believed that Punk’s role upon his return would be primarily on AEW Collision, while The Elite remained a fixture on Dynamite. However, this assumption has already been proven somewhat flexible, as Punk appeared on this past Wednesday’s show—albeit, it may have been an exception due to the event taking place in his hometown of Chicago.

On the other hand, The Elite did not make an in-person appearance, only featuring in a pre-recorded backstage segment with Eddie Kingston. Kingston, meanwhile, appeared live before the audience during the broadcast.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Punk revealed that he had made attempts to contact members of The Elite following the All Out event, but received cease-and-desist letters from attorneys instead. Since then, there has been no direct interaction between the two parties. Meltzer previously reported that some of Punk’s remarks during the ESPN interview and his promo on Collision had exacerbated the existing “divisiveness” within AEW.

Despite AEW’s efforts to keep Punk and The Elite separate, circumstances will bring them together this Sunday at the Forbidden Door pay-per-view in Toronto, Canada. Both factions will be present at the Scotiabank Arena simultaneously.

Contrary to earlier reports suggesting a potential match between Punk and KENTA at Forbidden Door, Punk will instead square off against veteran NJPW star Satoshi Kojima in the opening round of the Owen Hart Tournament.

It has been reported that KENTA turned down the opportunity to face Punk, rather than the other way around, contributing to the altered plans for the event.

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