CM Punk triumphs over Satoshi Kojima, secures a spot in the next round of the Owen Hart Tournament at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door

In a highly anticipated quarterfinal match of the Owen Hart Foundation Cup Tournament, CM Punk emerged victorious against Satoshi Kojima, solidifying his advancement to the next round. The clash marked Punk’s first appearance in an AEW pay-per-view since AEW All Out 2022, where he made a grand return to AEW on the inaugural episode of AEW Collision.

Punk and Kojima engaged in a fierce battle, exchanging intense strikes throughout the contest. Kojima’s early chop sent Punk soaring over the barricade, setting the tone for their hard-hitting encounter. Undeterred, both competitors showcased their repertoire of moves, with Punk executing his trademark diving elbow drop with precision. Kojima, fueled by determination, mounted a spirited comeback, bombarding Punk with a relentless series of strikes. Despite Kojima’s resilience and valiant effort to escape Punk’s Anaconda Vise submission hold, it was Punk who ultimately secured the victory with his iconic Go To Sleep (GTS) finishing maneuver.

CM Punk’s triumph over Satoshi Kojima not only propels him further in the Owen Hart Tournament but also reaffirms his competitive prowess and solidifies his presence within the AEW landscape. The collaboration between AEW and NJPW through the forbidden door continues to deliver captivating matchups that leave fans eagerly anticipating what’s to come.

Photo Credit: AEW

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