Backstage Update On How WWE Currently Feel About The Judgment Day

WWE is absolutely thrilled with the outcome of Judgment Day, according to reports from Fightful Select. An unnamed source within the company expressed their enthusiasm for the stable, with Edge himself reportedly acknowledging that this iteration of Judgment Day was a better fit than originally planned.

The source had high praise for each member of the stable, starting with Finn Balor, whom they described as “very easy” to work with. Balor’s versatility has been evident throughout the process, as he seamlessly adapted to various roles assigned by WWE over the past year.

Rhea Ripley received significant recognition for her resilience in dealing with her knee issues, which she has openly discussed in the past. The source also highlighted Ripley’s commitment to improvement and her willingness to contribute as a manager to help elevate others. It was noted that Ripley could have solely focused on her own creative direction surrounding the title, but she actively worked to ensure her opponents were showcased, even in situations where she was expected to dominate.

Damian Priest’s work ethic was highly praised, particularly his collaboration with Bad Bunny. Initially, a tag team match was planned for the show, and WWE sources revealed that everyone involved felt confident in Bad Bunny’s in-ring abilities following their successful WWE Backlash match.

Dominik Mysterio received accolades for his demanding schedule, which has involved numerous media obligations due to the success of his new character. Additionally, WWE has deliberately exposed Mysterio to a variety of situations and opponents in the ring to help him adapt to different wrestling styles.

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