Carmelo Hayes Reflects on WWE Raw Debut: Win or Loss, I’m Still Him

Carmelo Hayes shared his thoughts following his WWE Raw debut, embracing his true self regardless of the outcome.

NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes made an appearance in the crowd during the June 26 episode of WWE Raw. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins gave a shout-out to Hayes, expressing gratitude for his assistance when Finn Balor attacked Rollins on the June 20 episode of WWE NXT. Hayes once again intervened when Balor targeted Rollins and went on to face him in a match. Despite his status as the reigning NXT Champion, Hayes faced defeat at the hands of the seasoned veteran, Balor.

In a WWE Raw Exclusive, Hayes provided his perspective on his debut on the red brand. He acknowledged Balor’s skill and referred to him as one of the best in the world. Hayes expressed acceptance of the loss, recognizing the caliber of his opponent.

“I mean, shoot, I can’t take away from Finn Balor, Judgment Day. Finn is one of the best in the world. If I gotta take a loss to one of the best in the world, I can accept that. But listen, the important thing is tomorrow night against Baron Corbin for the NXT Championship. I’m not 100%, but I believe I can beat Baron at 75%, at 50%, at 25%. I know he’s gonna put up a great fight, but I’m ready, man. I might have taken a loss, but I look in the mirror and I’m still Carmelo Hayes, so that’s a W,” Hayes said.

Hayes also took to Twitter to comment on his WWE Raw debut. He expressed that dreams come true and emphasized that win or loss, he remains true to himself.

Hayes is now focused on defending the NXT Championship against Baron Corbin on the upcoming June 27 episode of WWE NXT, determined to prove his resilience and determination once again.

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