Report: Vince McMahon Potentially Involved in Tommaso Ciampa’s Dyed Beard on WWE Raw

Speculation arises that Vince McMahon may have played a role in Tommaso Ciampa’s revamped appearance during the June 26 episode of Monday Night Raw in Savannah, Georgia.

Ciampa was scheduled to compete on Raw and was making his way to the ring when he was unexpectedly ambushed from behind by The Miz. The two-time NXT Champion found himself sprawled outside the ring after enduring The Miz’s Skull-Crushing Finale.

This incident followed Ciampa’s return to WWE TV last week after being sidelined for several months due to a hip injury. In his comeback match, he triumphed over The Miz in a four-minute encounter.

During his appearance on last week’s Raw, Ciampa sported a grey beard. However, his facial hair was dyed brown for this week’s episode, and wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer commented on this change, suggesting that it reflected Vince McMahon’s influence on WWE’s creative decisions.

“Notice Ciampa dyed his beard? Well, that’s another sign of Vince McMahon. You know Vince hates grey, and Ciampa came back with a grey beard like he usually has and dyed it,” Meltzer revealed on Wrestling Observer Radio.

Since McMahon regained control of WWE’s creative direction in April 2023, the 77-year-old has been increasingly known for making significant alterations to the television product. Recent reports indicate that WWE is attempting to find ways to curtail McMahon’s tendency for last-minute changes. However, it is expected that the Executive Chairman’s influence over creative matters will continue to grow in the coming months.

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