Dominik Mysterio Reveals Surprising Twist in His WWE Journey: From NXT Plans to High-Stakes Debut Against Seth Rollins

Dominik Mysterio has been a familiar face to WWE fans for most of his life, dating back to his involvement in an early 2000s storyline between Eddie Guerrero and Dominik’s father, Rey Mysterio. When it became clear that the younger Mysterio would be pursuing a career in professional wrestling, he was one of the few to bypass the company’s developmental brand, with his first match taking place at WWE SummerSlam in 2020.

Appearing on “Inside the Ropes,” Mysterio confirmed that he was initially set to go to NXT after his debut. However, that plan was never enacted, and Mysterio stayed on the main roster.

“I was supposed to go down to NXT and do the whole developmental thing, and how the process is actually supposed to go,” Mysterio said. “But it just never happened. And I never asked or complained.”

As far as actually deciding to make his debut when he did, Mysterio recalled jumping at the opportunity to work a program with Seth Rollins. As one of the biggest stars in the company, it would be an immediate high-profile platform for the young performer.

“My dad and I — we had sat down and figured out how we were going to do it,” Mysterio stated. “[The] debut was going to be somewhere else. I was going to go independent for a little while and kind of try to get my training wheels going and get my feet wet … but when I was offered this opportunity against Seth, I knew that if I turned it down, there wasn’t going to be another opportunity like this.”

Mysterio agreed to the idea, and not long after that, he had become a staple of the WWE roster. The 26-year-old is currently a member of The Judgment Day, where he’s often paired up with stablemate Rhea Ripley.

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