AJPW: “Summer Action Series 2023” Full Results (July 2 2023) – 2 Big Title Changes

All Japan Pro-Wrestling’s “Summer Action Series 2023” held a show at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan on July 2.

In the main event, Yuma Aoyagi defeated Yuji Nagata to become the new AJPW Triple Crown Champion. This is Yuma’s first reign and makes him the youngest ever Triple Crown Champion. Fans were very excited about Aoyagi becoming the new champion. This is also a major win for AJPW youth movement as one of the new generation guys has climbed to the top, defeating a legend in the process.

In the semi main event, Atsuki Aoyagi the AJPW World Jr Heavyweight Champion & the brother of Yuma Aoyagi was up to defend his championship against GLEAT star El Lindaman. In the end, El Lindaman was victorious and is the new AJPW World Jr Heavyweight Champion. After the match Ryo Inoue challenged El Lindaman, they then went at it verbally. Inoue slapped the new champion before he left the ring.

You can check out the Full Results of the Show below:

  • Main Event: AJPW Triple Crown Championship: Yuma Aoyagi defeated Yuji Nagata (c) to become the new champion.
  • AJPW World Jr Heavyweight Championship: El Lindaman (GLEAT) defeated Atsuki Aoyagi to become the new AJPW World Jr Heavyweight Champion.
  • Kento Miyahara & T-Hawk defeated Tomoaki Honma & Ren Ayabe via pinfall.
  • Jun Saito, Ren Saito, KONO & Toshizo defeated Suwama, Satoshi Kojima, Kaz Hayashi & Minoru Tanaka via pinfall.
  • Hokuto Omori & Naoki Tanizaki defeated Ryuki Honda & O Hanabatakemasa via pinfall. Honda was injured during the match and was taken out on a stretcher.
  • Kotaro Suzuki & Hartley Jackson defeated Yoshi Tatsu & Black Mensore via pinfall
  • Rising Hayato, Ryo Inoue & Soma Watanabe defeated Hikaru Soto, Dan Tamura & Ryo Kawamura via submission. Inoue tapped out Tamura for the win.

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