AEW Star Finally Gets Full Time Contract After Three Years

According to a report from Fightful Select, there have been significant changes to Diamante’s contract status in AEW. Previously, she had been on what was referred to as a “tier zero” deal, which differed from the standard contracts. However, Fightful has learned that Diamante’s contract has now been upgraded to a full-time agreement. This update is further supported by Diamante’s recent addition to AEW’s official roster page.

Diamante has been associated with AEW for more than three years, making her first appearance in January 2020 on an episode of Dark. During this time, Fightful has periodically sought confirmation from company sources regarding her contract status. While it was acknowledged that she had been under “a deal,” it was clarified that she did not have the same level of contract as others featured on the “All Elite graphic.”

Source: Fightful Select

Photo Credit: AEW

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