Former WWE Star Open To A Return To The Company

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Heath Slater, who has been away from WWE for approximately three years, recently expressed his openness to a potential return to the company. Currently competing in IMPACT Wrestling and on the independent circuit, Slater shared his thoughts in an interview on Francine’s Eyes Up Here podcast.

Having spent the majority of his wrestling career with WWE since he was 23 years old, Slater acknowledged the significant role the company played in his life. While he appreciates his time with IMPACT and praises Scott D’Amore and the promotion, he admitted that he would consider a WWE comeback if the opportunity arose.

Slater emphasized the financial stability that WWE offers and discussed how another three-year run with the company could greatly benefit him and his family. Now approaching 40 years old, he reflected on his age and the responsibilities he has towards his children. Recognizing the demanding nature of WWE’s schedule, he acknowledged that no other company compensates like WWE does.

With his sights set on a potential three-year run, Slater mentioned that he had set a personal target of not wrestling past the age of 47. He believes he still has five to seven years left in his career, and performing at WWE, the biggest platform in the world, holds great appeal to him.

“I know if I can get another three year run, I could probably be set with them. I’m looking at 40 now. I’ve told myself I’m not gonna go past 47. Like 47 has been my little staple to where if I still feel good, maybe, but it’s one of those things where like 45 to 47 has been my number that I’ve gave myself when I got signed when I was 20. I’ve got another five to seven years that I feel like I could do this. So if they ever offered, you know, I mean, it’s the biggest place in the world to perform at and I was there for my whole career, pretty much.”

During the interview, Slater also discussed his enjoyable experiences outside of WWE, the challenges of performing without a live audience during the pandemic, and his excitement since returning from injury. He briefly mentioned the possibility of completing the 3MB prophecy by becoming WWE Champion alongside Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre, acknowledging that it remains a distant but not entirely impossible goal.


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