Gable Steveson to Take Hiatus from NXT: Report

Gable Steveson, the Olympic Gold Medalist, recently made his debut on NXT, leading fans to believe that he would become a permanent fixture on the roster. After being drafted to Raw last year but not making any appearances, Steveson returned to WWE programming on NXT, where he offered to train Eddy Thorpe for his Raw Underground match against Steveson’s real-life brother, Damon Kemp.

During the latest episode of NXT, Steveson got physically involved and effortlessly tossed around NXT wrestlers. This seemed to mark the beginning of a promising stint for Steveson on the brand. However, according to Dave Meltzer’s report in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Steveson is already scheduled to take a break.

“Steveson is now officially considered part of the NXT roster, but he will soon take time off to train for the world championships.”

It appears that Steveson’s WWE career is facing challenges as he devotes significant time to amateur wrestling competitions, causing his progress in professional wrestling training to be relatively slow.

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