CM Punk’s Impact On AEW’s Collision Show and Locker Room Dynamics Revealed

Since CM Punk’s return to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) to head up the new Collision show on Saturday nights, fans and insiders have been closely observing his role within the company. Following suspension and injury, Punk’s addition to the touring schedule has allowed for a soft roster split, and sources within AEW have revealed his dedication to making a mark on both the TV product and the backstage atmosphere of Collision tapings.

In the aftermath of the controversial ‘Brawl Out’ event and widespread discontent within the AEW locker room, Punk seems determined to repair his damaged reputation. After subtly targeting The Young Bucks on Collision’s debut episode, it appears that Punk’s approach has been well-received by his colleagues, as there has reportedly been little to no tension in the locker room.

While AEW has not officially implemented a roster split, the introduction of Collision has provided a means to keep certain elements of the roster separate. This allows for talents with strained relationships to be booked on different shows. Additionally, some wrestlers, including Malakai Black, are currently exclusive to the Collision show, at least for the time being.

CM Punk’s commitment to his role as the face of Collision is evident, as he seeks to make a positive impact on both the TV product and the overall backstage environment. His efforts to mend relationships and create a harmonious atmosphere within the AEW locker room seem to be paying off, with tensions reportedly subsiding and a promising future for the Collision show on the horizon.

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