AEW Star Comments On Working Around AEW’s Banned List

In a recent development surrounding AEW’s banned moves list, a well-known wrestler has shared an intriguing incident involving his request for permission from Tony Khan to use a particular term on television.

During an episode of his Daddy Magic Show podcast, Matt Menard disclosed his attempts to navigate around the restrictions imposed by the AEW CEO. He expressed uncertainty about whether he could say the word ‘pervert’ on TV, highlighting one instance where he sought clarification.

This wasn’t Menard’s sole encounter with the banned term list, as he also managed to find a clever way to incorporate a unique jab that somehow evaded any rule violations.

“I remember another time, ‘suck my ass’, I wanted to get on TV. I actually got it on.

“That was a struggle because we have a list of stuff that we’re not supposed to say.

“I remember this right to Tony (Khan), ‘Suck my ass, is that okay?’

“So they’re going through the list, and it’s not on the list. ‘Suck my ass’, not on the list. I guess you can say it.

“So I said it. This is like early January 2022. I remember we were in New Jersey, in the Street Fight, me, Jeff, Garcia against (Santana and Ortiz) and Eddie Kingston.

“Go back and watch that – the Mark Henry, ‘It’s time for the main event’ promo – I say, ‘Suck my ass.’ I remember saying it, and CM Punk walking by, and he was just dying.

“He’s like, ‘Did you just say suck my ass?’ You’re damn right I did.”

Transcript via Fightful

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