Former WWE, WCW, ECW & TNA Star Announces They Are Done With Wrestling Due To Injuries

Stevie Richards recently had an insightful conversation with Chris Van Vliet, covering various subjects.

In the podcast, Richards addressed his future in the wrestling ring following a challenging battle with a severe spinal infection. The accomplished wrestler, known for his stints in WWE, ECW, WCW, and TNA, mentioned that, for the time being, he has stepped away from active wrestling. However, he acknowledged that this decision may change in the future. Additionally, Richards highlighted the presence of neck issues that he will need to address and seek treatment for.

“I really don’t know about that. I mean, but the spine infection and the fact that two discs and four levels of my vertebrae are eaten away, and I need them to naturally fuse over 12-18 months, essentially right now I’m done.”

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