Collision Is Just Over A Month Old, And It Offers An Alternative To Dynamite

Collision is just over a month old now and the show’s identity seems more apparent. Collision comes across very much as the “wrestling” show of all of AEW’s weekly television offerings.

The flagship show of AEW has been Dynamite, and Dynamite has been known for its more sports based style of TV. The matches are fast paced, spot filled and high energy which is a much more modern way of presenting professional wrestling. Also storylines and angles come thick and fast on Dynamite, with plenty of “crash TV” going on which is almost nonstop at times, giving fans plenty of bang for their buck. A recent example has been the brawling with the BCC and The Elite where there have been beat downs, saves, comebacks and allegiances made on a weekly basis. However, as entertaining as it is, some fans prefer a show that lets things breathe and concentrates on a more old school wrestling style, if that’s the case, then Collision is the show for you. 

Collision has shown in its infancy, that it concentrates on a more wrestling style show. Matches start off slower and build things up nicely, concentrating more on ring psychology rather than pure entertainment. Things are allowed to breathe, wrestlers sell more and they build up the match in a more deliberate pace with not much reliance on “high spots”. A good example recently has been the excellent tag team matches between FTR, Jay White & Juice Robinson. They have wrestled hard hitting and psychology based tag team matches that have built to strong finishes and showcased the technical wrestling ability of all four competitors. These matches over the past few weeks are certainly ones to go and watch if you’re a fan of old school tag team wrestling, they have been terrific to watch. 

In conclusion there seems to be a big difference in Dynamite and Collision and the way the shows are presented (not to mention a completely different commentary team which also sets the shows apart) Whether that was by design or not, it’s a good thing for AEW fans and potential new fans to the product as it gives them a different  alternative to sink their teeth in to week in, week out. 

Author: Alex Bakothanasis

Photo Credit: AEW

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