VIDEO: Don Callis Assaulted By Fan In Mexico

Following Saturday’s Triplemania XXXI event in Tijuana, an unfortunate incident occurred involving Don Callis being assaulted by a fan.

According to Bryan Alvarez’s report, there was a post-show press conference where Don Callis and Kenny Omega had a confrontation, furthering their ongoing AEW feud. This confrontation led to an angle where Konosuke Takeshita attacked Omega. As security was intervening to break up the fight, a fan unexpectedly attacked Callis from behind.

Up until that point, everything was planned as part of the storyline, but the fan, apparently upset about something Callis had said to Kenny, launched an assault on Callis. The fan ripped his suit, caused a concussion to his eardrum, and injured his mouth while attempting to choke him from behind. Callis vehemently responded with profanities before being pulled away, and he was understandably furious afterward.

As a result of the attack, Callis sustained injuries to his neck and ankle and will be seeking medical attention in San Diego. Alvarez emphasizes that this incident was “absolutely not a work,” indicating that it was an unscripted and genuine assault.

During Triplemania, Callis had appeared before the main event, announcing that he would be in Vikingo’s corner. However, Konnan came out and instructed Callis to leave. Vikingo went on to win the match cleanly, securing the victory by pinning Omega with a 630 splash.

Photo Credit: AEW

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