AEW Star Relinquishes Championships Due To “International Commitments”

Rey Fenix Relinquishes AAA Championships Citing “International Commitments”

Lucha libre sensation Rey Fenix has made the decision to vacate his two AAA titles, the AAA World Cruiserweight and Latin American Championships, citing “international commitments” as the primary factor. Fenix had captured both titles in an exhilarating five-way match at AAA TripleMania: Tijuana on June 18, 2022.

Currently signed to AEW and also making appearances in Ring of Honor, Fenix has been an integral part of the wrestling landscape. Alongside his brother, Penta el Zero Miedo, he currently holds the ROH World Tag Team titles.

Fenix expressed his thoughts in a statement, explaining his choice:

“Hello everyone, this is Rey Fénix, or just Fénix as known in AAA. I am here to provide some news that make me really emotional, but I have to break the news. About a year ago, I won the AAA Cruiserweight & Latin American Titles. Across my career, I pushed myself to be a better performer and at that time, there was nothing stopping me from being double-champion. Unfortunately, due to international commitments, it’s is very difficult to have a work rhythm with AAA. Because of this, I am officially relinquishing the AAA Cruiserweight & Latin American Championships.”

Rey Fenix’s decision to relinquish the titles opens up exciting possibilities for the future of the AAA championships, while fans eagerly anticipate his upcoming appearances in AEW and ROH.

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