How To Unlock Every Hidden Character in AEW Fight Forever

AEW’s first arcade-style wrestling game, reminiscent of the Nintendo 64 era, offers a roster of active wrestlers and hidden characters. While some wrestlers are introduced through season pass DLC, others can be unlocked in the game. Here’s how to unlock all the hidden characters in AEW Fight Forever:

  1. Owen Hart: Play 100 exhibition matches to meet the criteria. Owen Hart will then appear in the in-game shop, available for purchase using 50,000 in-game credits.
  2. Brodie Lee: Progress in Road to Elite mode and compete for the TNT championship. Enter the Casino Battle Royale and lose it quickly. Continue winning regular matches until the storyline block concludes. Choose the “Go Sightseeing” option, accept the invitation to join the Dark Order, and face Brodie Lee. Defeat him to unlock him in the in-game store for 30,000 credits.
  3. Paul Wight: In Road to Elite mode, intentionally lose matches until the “Who’s Ribbing Me?” storyline unlocks. Continue losing until the third week, triggering a match with Paul Wight. Overcome the challenging fight, and he will be available for 30,000 credits in the in-game store.

These are the current hidden wrestlers that can be unlocked in AEW Fight Forever’s Road to Elite mode. Enjoy unlocking these special characters and expand your roster!

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