WWE Reportedly Have A Deal In Place To Sign Former AEW Star

An update has surfaced regarding the WWE status of former AEW star, Brian Pillman Jr., following his recent appearance at the WWE Performance Center. Pillman’s AEW contract expired earlier this month, and on July 13, he was seen at the WWE Performance Center.

After his departure from AEW, WWE reportedly expressed “immediate interest” in bringing him on board, leading to a meeting at the Performance Center, described as a “get to know you” session. Since the meeting, Pillman has hinted at a potential “huge opportunity” in his career during a virtual signing event.

According to Cassidy Haynes from Bodyslam, sources reveal that a deal between Pillman and WWE is either in place or currently being finalized before official signing. It appears that Pillman will be relocating to Orlando, Florida, by the end of August, where he will join NXT and undergo full-time training at the Performance Center. This signals an exciting new chapter in his pro wrestling journey.

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