GUNTHER Vs Drew McIntyre Summerslam Showdown Official

Gunther and Drew McIntyre Prepare for Explosive Showdown at WWE SummerSlam

Since WWE Money in the Bank 2023, Drew McIntyre has been relentlessly targeting the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Gunther. Their feud began when McIntyre confronted Gunther after the champion’s victory over Matt Riddle. Their paths have been leading towards a clash, with McIntyre even teaming up with Riddle to take on Imperium, which includes Gunther, Ludwig Kaiser, and Giovanni Vinci. The tension escalated further when Gunther issued a call-out to McIntyre on the July 17 episode of WWE Raw, setting the stage for their impending showdown.

On the July 24 episode of WWE Raw, McIntyre and Gunther confronted each other face-to-face. McIntyre wasted no time in challenging Gunther to a fight then and there, but the champion refused and resorted to insulting McIntyre, reminding him of past failures. Gunther vowed to humiliate McIntyre at WWE SummerSlam, igniting McIntyre’s determination to show why he’s known as the Scottish Psychopath.

In a display of fierce competition, McIntyre triumphed over Kaiser in a singles match, but the confrontation didn’t end there. Gunther and Vinci attacked McIntyre after the bell, with Riddle attempting to intervene but falling victim to Gunther’s powerbomb. However, McIntyre managed to turn the tables, countering Gunther’s attempt to slam him through the broadcast table and instead powerbombing the champion through it.

Adding to the intensity, Gunther previously emerged victorious in a Triple Threat Match against McIntyre and Sheamus at WWE WrestleMania 39, further fueling the rivalry between these two formidable competitors as they head into WWE SummerSlam.

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