Matt Cardona’s First DDT UNIVERSAL Title Defence Confirmed!

Matt Cardona’s first championship defence of the DDT UNIVERSAL Championship has been confimred. After winning the title by defeating Testuya Endo at “WRESTLE PETER PAN 2023”, post match Maki Itoh sent a video challenge to Cardona for the belt. At the post Wrestle Peter Pan press conference, it was fully confirmed that Matt Cardona who has dubbed himself as the DMK (DEATH MATCH KING) UNIVERSAL Champion instead of the DDT Universal champion will defend against Maki Itoh. Maki Itoh also send a video message at the press conference promoting the match saying she is disgusted that Cardona is the champion and that she had to step up to take him down. She also said since this match will bring international attention she hopes the event will have English commentary.

The championship match where Matt Cardona defends the DDT UNIVERSAL Championship against Maki Itoh is set to take place on September 24 at DDT “Who’s Gonna TOP? 2023” from Korakuen Hall, Tokyo.

Author: Rohit Singh Karir

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