Liv Morgan Injury Update

Liv Morgan’s recent injury status was revealed in a new report after she was taken off television following an attack by Rhea Ripley on Raw.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez, Liv has a shoulder injury, and it’s uncertain how long she will be out of action.

Alvarez: “Liv Morgan does have a shoulder injury, and this was an angle to put her out of action for a while and maybe a long while. I guess that is to be determined”. 

Meltzer: “It was pretty clear. I mean, they don’t do an angle like that. I mean, they did that. That was a real hardcore angle. And obviously, it’s, you know, she’s had the shoulder injury”.

Alvarez: “My understanding is it’s the other shoulder. Okay. So this is the left one’s the one that they hurt? They injured the left one in the storyline, but whichever one she hurt last time, she, I think she hurt the other one this time”.

The storyline portrayed the left shoulder as injured, but it’s actually the other shoulder that got hurt this time. As of now, the exact timeframe for her return remains unknown.

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