Vince McMahon Underwent Major Surgery Last Week

After the Endeavor sale, Vince McMahon has been primarily working remotely for WWE, but now, with his involvement in the new TKO company, he’s officially back in the fold as the executive chairman overseeing both WWE and UFC divisions.

During his time working remotely, Vince took the opportunity to address a health issue and underwent major spinal surgery last week, as reported by Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp. The surgery was a significant and intensive procedure lasting approximately five hours, and Vince is currently in the recovery phase.

Despite his remote work, Vince recently made a notable appearance backstage at WWE SmackDown in Madison Square Garden. This marked only the third time he had been backstage since WrestleMania 39.

In addition, a recent change noticed on WWE Raw, the use of alliterative nicknames, was reportedly a direct idea from Vince McMahon himself. As he continues his recovery, fans and colleagues await his further contributions and direction to both WWE and the new TKO company.

Photo Credit: WWE

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