Aleah James Announces She Has Officially Left WWE

Following WWE’s announcement about NXT UK coming to an end, roster members were either transferred to the US-based NXT brand or released from the company. However, Aleah James remained a mystery for several months, as she had not debuted on the NXT brand despite being listed as a member of the WWE roster on

Speculations arose when her real-life boyfriend, Noam Dar, made his NXT debut, leading many to expect her arrival on the brand soon. However, Aleah took to Twitter to confirm that she is no longer with WWE, despite still being listed on the company’s website.

In response to a fan waiting for her NXT debut, Aleah replied, “Tip: do not hold your breath.” She later posted a follow-up tweet, confirming her free agency and inquiring about her next opponent in the wrestling world.

Meanwhile, Noam Dar has formed the Meta Four group on NXT alongside Oro Mensah, Jakara Jackson, and Lash Legend.

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