AEW Star Britt Baker Temporarily Shifts Focus from Dentistry, Shares Reasons Behind Decision

AEW Star Britt Baker Adjusts Dentistry Career Amid Wrestling Commitments

Britt Baker, a prominent figure in AEW Women’s division, has revealed that she is taking a step back from her dentistry career outside of wrestling. The former AEW Women’s World Champion, renowned for incorporating her dental profession into her wrestling persona, appears to be temporarily scaling down her dentistry commitments. This decision came to light when she responded to a fan on Twitter who inquired about how she manages to juggle both her wrestling and dental roles.

Baker’s recent challenges related to neck and back issues have been widely discussed, and comments she made in March suggested that the problem was progressively deteriorating. As a 32-year-old, the Pittsburgh native’s physical health concerns have prompted her to place a stronger emphasis on her wrestling career.

Interestingly, Baker’s shift in focus towards her in-ring journey coincides with a period of heightened scrutiny concerning the booking of the AEW women’s division. Fans have been particularly vocal in expressing their concerns about the division’s direction and opportunities for its female wrestlers.

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