Flamita Departs AAA Wrestling Promotion

Flamita, the talented wrestler, has recently shared his decision to part ways with the Mexican promotion AAA. He made this announcement through his Facebook account, expressing his gratitude to the company for the time he spent there and revealing his pursuit of a new direction.

After returning to AAA in December 2021, Flamita’s journey with the promotion has come to an end. He conveyed his thoughts about his departure in the following words:

“Friends good start to August, I came to greet you and, above all, thank you for all the support given to me during my career.

This life is of cycles and today again closes one of them as you know I was working with the company LUCHA LIBRE AAA which has always treated me in the best way and has given me great battles today I thank you infinite people for giving me the opportunity to belong to their rosters. 

Flamita will take a different course. See you soon.

Thank you, Licentiate Marisela Peńa. Thank you, Dorian Roldan. Thank you, Konnan.”

Flamita’s final appearance for AAA took place on May 20, where he teamed up with Villano III Jr to secure victory against Brazo de Oro Jr & Sexy Star II. Prior to his time with AAA, Flamita was affiliated with ROH, where he played a pivotal role as one-third of the ROH Six Man Tag Champions, forming “The Mexi-Squad” alongside Bandido & Rey Horus.

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