Santos Escobar Makes NXT Comeback, Teams Up with Tony D’Angelo and Stacks to Defeat Gallus on 8/1

Santos Escobar Makes Triumphant Return to NXT

In a strategic maneuver aimed at settling the score with Gallus, Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo played their cards right by orchestrating Santos Escobar’s comeback to NXT. Escobar joined forces with them as the third member in a tag team clash against Gallus’ formidable trio comprising Mark Coffey, Joe Coffey, and Wolfgang.

Escobar’s involvement proved decisive as he contributed to the triumphant victory achieved over the Gallus faction.

It’s worth noting that Santos Escobar had previously been a somewhat reluctant member of the D’Angelo Family during his stint in NXT. This dynamic was formed when the once Legado Del Fantasma faction merged with The Family during an intense feud between the two groups. Interestingly, a loss to Tony D’Angelo himself had marked Santos Escobar’s transition to the main roster.

Now, as his wrestling journey unfolds, Santos Escobar is on the brink of a high-stakes showdown against Austin Theory for the WWE United States Championship. Fans can look forward to this electrifying clash set to take place on the August 11 episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

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