Saraya’s Take on AEW All In: Women Deserve Opportunities, Potential for Multiple Matches

Saraya Advocates for Women’s Division Spotlight at AEW All In

Saraya recently turned to social media to share her enthusiasm regarding the impressive ticket sales for AEW All In. When questioned about her aspirations for the event, she indicated that she was willing to set aside her personal preferences and focus on the greater good of the division. Saraya went on to emphasize that the women’s division deserves a chance to shine, suggesting that given sufficient time, the event could accommodate multiple matches featuring female wrestlers.

“Well. It’s a big show, gonna be a longer one too. Putting my opinion about me to the side and thinking of the division as a whole. I think the women deserve an opportunity and with ample time we could have multiple matches and really utilize the weeks between now and until then to start telling a couple different stories leading up to what’s gonna be the biggest wrestling event in history,” Saraya wrote.

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