WWE Provides Update on Vince McMahon’s Role Following Surgery

WWE has issued an official update regarding the involvement of Executive Chairman Vince McMahon within the company, subsequent to McMahon’s recent significant surgery. As previously highlighted, McMahon underwent a substantial surgical procedure that spanned approximately five hours.

Subsequent reports underscored the magnitude of McMahon’s spinal surgery, describing it as a “major, life-altering operation.” As McMahon embarks on his recovery journey, WWE has taken steps to clarify his position within the organization.

In WWE’s most recent quarterly report submitted to the SEC on Wednesday, August 2, the company specified that Vince McMahon will be placed on medical leave until further notice. Nevertheless, his standing as the WWE Executive Chairman will be upheld:

“On July 21, 2023, Mr. McMahon went on medical leave after undergoing major spinal surgery. 

“Mr. McMahon will remain on medical leave until further notice but will remain Executive Chairman of the Company.”

As Vince McMahon’s health remains a top priority, WWE is ensuring the continuity of leadership through this period of medical leave. McMahon’s integral role as Executive Chairman will be upheld, and the company will continue to monitor his recovery journey and share updates as necessary.

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