AEW World Championship Clash: MJF Set to Defend Against Adam Cole at AEW All In

The opening bout is locked in for AEW All In, and it’s a momentous one. During the August 2, 2023 edition of AEW Dynamite, MJF, the reigning AEW World Champion, took center stage in the ring to deliver a speech about discovering his authentic self within AEW, primarily because of his electrifying tag team partnership with Adam Cole.

In a subsequent move, MJF called upon Adam Cole to join him in the ring. A short while later, MJF declared that Cole is not entitled to a shot at the AEW World Championship, a promise he had initially made to Cole a few weeks prior. Instead, MJF made an announcement that Cole rightfully deserves the championship opportunity at AEW’s most monumental occasion to date, All In.

With a flourish, MJF handed over a contract to Cole, outlining the terms of the title match at All In. With minimal hesitation, Cole swiftly affixed his signature to the document, seemingly forgoing an in-depth reading of its contents.

As the segment concluded, the camera transitioned backstage, revealing an agitated Roderick Strong venting his frustration by throwing and shattering objects. In a significant twist, Strong encountered Matt Taven and Mike Bennett. Taven took the opportunity to remind Strong that Adam Cole has demonstrated a tendency to disregard his alliances, before exiting the frame.

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