DDT: Wrestling Match on “Japanese Bullet Train” announced

DDT Pro Wrestling has announced that it will hold a match for the first time ever on the Japanese Bullet Train. Dubbed the first-ever “Shinkansen Pro Wrestling”, the participants of the match are Minoru Suzuki and Sanshiro Takagi. The two of them have faced each other in the past like when they battled it out in an empty Tokyo Dome in 2017 or their encounter at the Nippon Budikan in 2012.

This announcement comes as part of the so called ‘Street Pro Wrestling’ that DDT specializes in.This time around Suzuki and Takagi will have a falls count anywhere match on the Tokaido Shinkansen “Nozomi 371”, departing from Tokyo Station at 1:09pm on September 18, and with a maximum speed of the bullet train at 285km/h (about 177mph), with Nagoya Station as the final destination at 2.45pm

At the announcement’s press event, it was explained that tickets will be sold at a limit of 75 seats and various restrictions will be put in place for the safety of the fans. The rules of this special match as well as other variables were set to be decided later this month at another meeting.

Author: Rohit Singh Karir

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