News On Why Becky Lynch Vs Trish Stratus Has Been Removed From Summerslam

The highly anticipated clash between Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus scheduled for Summerslam will not be taking place as originally planned. According to information obtained from Fightful Select, the rationale behind this change isn’t as compelling as initially indicated.

Earlier, reports emerged from WWE sources suggesting a valid explanation for postponing the Trish Stratus vs. Becky Lynch match until mid-August instead of featuring it at Summerslam. Initially, it was implied that the delay was due to physical reasons, although efforts were being made to verify this assertion. Surprisingly, subsequent investigation revealed the contrary; both athletes, Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus, are in good health and were fully available for the Summerslam event.

Rather than health concerns, it appears that WWE’s decision is driven by a deliberate strategy to curtail the number of matches and overall runtime for Pay-Per-View shows. Consequently, several matches that had been in the works for the event have been repositioned elsewhere. Those with knowledge of the situation have disclosed that the Summerslam match between Lynch and Stratus would have been severely constrained by time constraints. Consequently, WWE officials chose to reschedule it for an upcoming episode of Raw. Alternatively, there were discussions about potentially moving the match to WWE Payback.

Evidently, neither Becky Lynch nor Trish Stratus were content with this adjustment, as their dissatisfaction became apparent in the days leading up to the establishment of their Raw match. The switch in plans, driven by WWE’s desire to control the number of matches and show durations, has left both athletes less than pleased with the outcome. The opportunity for their highly anticipated showdown has been deferred, and the WWE Universe will have to wait for a future event to witness this exciting confrontation.

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