AEW Collision Gains Momentum Under CM Punk’s Praise and Collective Efforts

Though AEW Collision is not even two months old, it has already solidified its identity and garnered momentum. CM Punk, who stands as the show’s prominent figure, had nothing but commendations for the program. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Punk was keen on expressing his admiration for the Collision team’s dedication.

Punk emphasized, It’s a team effort. FTR is a big part of it. There is a group of people I want highlighted on Collision almost every Saturday. It’s a lot of people and it’s hard to get them in there, but it’s FTR, Samoa Joe, Jay White and Juice, the Gunns, Ricky Starks, all three members of House of Black, Andrade, and we just got Rush–that guy is f—— awesome, I want him on Collision, too–Hobbs, Miro, and I don’t want to forget anyone else.

He further explained, “Give me a Statlander every week, give me a Toni Storm every week. That’s what is going to drive repeat viewers, knowing they’ll see these people every Saturday. That’s how we’ll hold a rating. It’s 100 percent a team effort. We want to bring new people up. That’s the rub. People recognize that. A perfect example is Gunn Club. They’re right there, and they need to associate with people who are perceived to be top guys.”

Punk delved into the way the roster members uplift one another, fostering growth together. He emphasized the shared expectation for excellence. “The roster works in tandem to elevate each other to a higher level. There’s a mutual anticipation for the best from one another. This drives me to excel; it’s what everyone anticipates.”

In the journey of AEW Collision, the spirit of collective elevation and continuous improvement remains at the forefront, as expressed by CM Punk.

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