Paul Heyman: The Bloodline Storyline “Is Yet to Reach Its Full Potential”

Latest Developments in The Bloodline Saga Unveiled Following SummerSlam

During the recent SummerSlam event, the intricate narrative of The Bloodline took another significant turn as Jimmy Uso betrayed his twin brother Jey Uso, thereby contributing to Jey’s loss against the reigning WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. The ongoing Bloodline storyline is evidently continuing, with Paul Heyman addressing its progression during the SummerSlam press conference. He remarked that the story is only in its early stages.

“We’re just figuring this stuff out. We haven’t even hit our stride yet. If you want to take an arrogant approach, I’m sure Paul Levesque will tell you all the box office records that have been smashed. And every Friday night when we show up at SmackDown we’re told ‘This is the largest gate of this’ and ‘This is the largest gate of that.’ We can sit there and point to what really drove all this, and that’s quite clearly The Bloodline and when I say The Bloodline I essentially mean the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. But we’re just figuring this out. There’s so much more for us to learn. There’s so much more for us to grasp. There’s so much more for us to master. It’s a craft, and it’s an evolving craft.”

Heyman also provided a response to criticisms suggesting that the storyline was dragging or losing momentum. He asserted that he hasn’t heard any credible sources make such claims. He explained that those involved are continuously refining the storyline, adding layers to it consistently, ensuring its ongoing development.

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