Update on Brock Lesnar’s WWE Standing After Defeat at SummerSlam

During Saturday’s WWE SummerSlam event, a surprising turn of events unfolded as Brock Lesnar faced off against Cody Rhodes in a singles match. Rhodes managed to counter Lesnar’s signature F5 move and secured victory by executing multiple Cross Rhodes maneuvers.

The clash between these two competitors had seen a back-and-forth exchange of victories, with Rhodes emerging triumphant at Backlash and Lesnar claiming a win at Night of Champions.

Addressing speculations surrounding Lesnar’s potential extended absence from WWE, Bryan Alvarez indicated on Wrestling Observer Radio that such notions might not hold true. In a similar vein, Dave Meltzer noted that Lesnar’s presence is anticipated at WWE Fastlane, scheduled for October 7th.

Photo Credit: WWE

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