GUNTHER Opens Up About the Most Intense Chop He’s Faced

Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER’s Infamous Chops Echo Through the Arena

The current reigning and defending Intercontinental Champion, GUNTHER, has gained notoriety for his ferocious chops that resonate throughout the arena, imprinting red handprints on the chests of his adversaries.

As GUNTHER delivers these impactful chops, he often finds himself on the receiving end of opponents eager to return the favor. During a conversation with Sean Ross Sapp from Fightful, GUNTHER disclosed the identity of the competitor who delivered the most agonizing and impactful chop in his wrestling career. Interestingly, it turned out to be none other than AEW’s Penta El Zero Miedo.

“That’s a good question. It hurts, everybody, it hurts me as much as it hurts everybody else. There’s no science to that. But I think it must actually be a while ago, I actually think it was in Germany. I think back then, it was actually Pentagon. I remember that. When he pulled his glove off and then whacked me, I was split open right away. I was like, ‘What just happened?’ I didn’t see that coming. But that’s not the worst deal of it. I’ve experienced way more things where I look back and go like, ‘Oh, that hurt,’ wrestling bigger guys like Sheamus and Drew.” H/T Fightful

Photo Credit: WWE

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