Kairi Sane Addresses Future in Press Conference

On August 7th, Kairi Sane (KAIRI) held a press conference to provide insight into her upcoming plans, following the circulating reports of her potential return to WWE.

During the press conference, as reported by Eastern Lariat, Kairi shared,“I have made a decision. I can’t say it clearly, but in preparation for a new voyage, a voyage of determination, I would like to put my activities on indefinite hiatus as of the end of September 2023. Rest assured that this is a positive decision. Lastly, I would like to thank President Rossy Ogawa for not giving up on me, who was said to have no talent, everyone at Stardom who supported me, wrestlers from other organizations, the media and the fans who have always supported me. Thank you very much.”

Scheduled for September 8th, Kairi is slated to join forces with Saori Anou to face off against Unagi Sayaka and a partner in a bout for AJPW.

Having left WWE in July 2020 to return to Japan and assume an ambassadorial role for the company, Kairi made her return to STARDOM in March 2022. Notably, in March 2023, she announced her status as a free agent, marking an intriguing phase in her wrestling journey.

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