Rob Van Dam Recounts AEW’s Efforts to Maintain Surprise for His Dynamite Debut

Reflecting on his unexpected entrance into the AEW arena, Rob Van Dam has shared insights into the measures taken by AEW to preserve the surprise element of his Dynamite debut.

In a moment that captivated fans during AEW Dynamite’s 200th episode, Rob Van Dam emerged onto the scene, marking his debut with the company. His appearance was accentuated by a confrontation with FTW Champion Jack Perry, acting on behalf of his former rival, Jerry Lynn.

Now, the anticipation grows as Van Dam gears up to engage in a FTW Rules match against Perry for the coveted FTW Championship, slated to unfold on the upcoming August 9 episode of AEW Dynamite this Wednesday.

Rob Van Dam, a distinguished WWE Hall of Famer, delved into the details surrounding his AEW debut and shed light on the meticulous steps AEW undertook to preserve the surprise factor of his appearance. The podcast “1 Of A Kind” served as the platform for this insightful discussion.

“It was a pretty good reaction from the crowd. I was concerned that the surprise would be blown because it usually is, and it didn’t get too far out. Even a lot of the boys were surprised, and they went through so much trouble to hide me.”

“Even after we pulled into the garage, they put me in a wheelchair and put a black curtain over the top of me and pushed me all the way back to this room and I just had my own room, so I was like, ‘I’m not gonna f**k it up after they went through all that trouble’ and so I just stayed into my room until after my appearance.” 

“I was still seeing guys at the end of the night, Jeff Hardy and Matt and Brian Cage and they were still surprised. Everyone kept the lid on it pretty good.”

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