Savannah Evans Confirms Involvement in New Season of “Heels”

“Heels,” the wrestling-themed drama starring Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig, made its debut on STARZ in 2021. The series has welcomed appearances from real-life wrestlers, including CM Punk and Doc Gallows. As the second season premiered on July 28, viewers can also anticipate appearances from Punk and AJ Lee. Adding to the list of wrestling personalities, IMPACT Wrestling star Savannah Evans has recently disclosed her participation in the upcoming season.

During a virtual autograph signing event with Southern Wrestling Autographs, Evans responded to inquiries about her aspirations. She emphasized her desire to elevate her personal brand and venture into diverse avenues. Evans went on to reveal her involvement in the new season of “Heels.”

“I definitely want to do as much as I can in wrestling, but building a bigger brand for myself in general is always the goal. If that gets me to do other things and branch to other avenues of entertainment, I’m down for that. Last summer, and I’ll talk about it because it’s about to air, I got to do a couple cameos on the show ‘Heels’. So I was able to do that. I’m sure they’re just a one-second, ‘Oh, there she is,’ but yeah, being able to do that was cool, and I would love to do more work like that. So I’m gonna be looking into that. It was classified as stunt work because we were wrestlers, we were around the ring, in the ring. So doing more stunt work is something I could definitely get used to. I know that SAG is going through a lot right now, but I would eventually like to get SAG certified, that kind of thing. But yeah, but the new season of ‘Heels’ just started… so if anyone loves that show, keep an eye out in the background for me somewhere,” Evans said.

Savannah Evans’ addition to the roster of “Heels” adds to the intrigue of the series, which continues to weave the world of wrestling into its storytelling fabric.

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