NOAH: “N-1 Victory 2023” Night 1 Full Results

Pro Wrestling NOAH kicked off its annual league based tournament and NJPW’s G1 Climax equivalent, the N-1 Victory on August 6, at the Yokohama Budokan in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan.

Night one saw some good action to kickstart the tournament such as the GHC National Champion El Hijo De Dr Wagner Jr getting off to a strong start by defeating Daiki Inaba via the Wagner Driver. MLW star Lance Anoa’i made his NOAH debut on the night before in a preview Rumble match makes a successful singles match debut getting the win over AJPW’s Super Rookie Yuma Anzai. In the semi-main and main event of the night, it was a bad day for the GHC Heavyweight Tag Team champions as first Saxton Huxley fell to Go Shiozaki via the Strong Arm Lariat. Then Saxton partner and fellow tag champion Timothy Thatcher was defeated by GHC Heavyweight Champion Jake Lee vis FBS.

Find the full results of Night 1 and updated standings below:

N-1 Victory Night 1 Full Results:

  • A Block: Jake Lee defeated Timothy Thatcher
  • B Block: Go Shiozaki defeated Saxon Huxley
  • A Block: Adam Brooks defeated Kenoh
  • B Block: El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. defeated Daiki Inaba
  • 6 Man Tag Team Match: Hi69, Naomichi Marufuji & Atsushi Kotoge defeated Junta Miyawaki, Kazuyuki Fujita & AMAKUSA
  • A Block: Yuki Yoshioka defeated Masa Kitamiya
  • B Block: Lance Anoa’i defeated Yuma Anzai
  • A Block: Jack Morris defeated Yoshiki Inamura
  • B Block: Manabu Soya defeated Katsuhiko Nakajima
  • 6 Man Tag Team Match: Stallion Rogers, Seiki Yoshioka & Shuji Kondo defeated Anthony Greene, YO-HEY & Tadasuke (Good Looking Guys)

Here’s a look at the N-1 standings after Night 1:

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A Block:

Jake Lee (1-0): 2 Points
Jack Morris (1-0): 2 Points
Adam Brooks (1-0): 2 Points
Yuki Yoshioka (1-0): 2 Points
Kenoh (0-1): 0 Points
Masa Kitamiya (0-1): 0 Points
Yoshiki Inamura (0-1): 0 Points
Timothy Thatcher (0-1): 0 Points

B Block:

Go Shiozaki (1-0): 2 Points
Hijo del Dr Wagner Jr (1-0): 2 Points
Manabu Soya (1-0): 2 Points
Lance Anoa’i (1-0): 2 Points
Daiki Inaba (0-1): 0 Points
Saxon Huxley (0-1): 0 Points
Katsuhiko Nakajima (0-1): 0 Points
Yuma Anzai (0-1): 0 Points

Author: Rohit Singh Karir

Photo Credit: Pro Wrestling NOAH

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