Roman Reigns Suffers Injury At Summerslam

Injury Concerns Arise for WWE’s Leading Star, Roman Reigns

Speculation is swirling about a potential hiatus from action for WWE’s prominent figure. As per information from Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Roman Reigns sustained an injury during his Tribal Combat Match against Jey Uso in the headline bout of SummerSlam. The specifics of when and how the injury occurred remain unclear, except for the knowledge that the reigning WWE Universal Champion was hurt at an early stage of the match.

“He’s gonna be back Friday. Roman Reigns got hurt in that match…I haven’t watched the beginning of the match over again but I heard it was relatively early…I don’t know the nature of the injury, I just heard he worked the match hurt. He got hurt early in the match. I don’t know what his schedule is but he’s going to be on the show Friday night. I would presume he’s going to be on Survivor Series, I don’t know that as fact,” Meltzer said.

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