The Miz Calls LA Knight An Attitude Era Fanboy

Intense Showdown Between A Knight and The Miz Unfolds on WWE Raw

The August 7 episode of WWE Raw showcased a fiery confrontation between A Knight and former WWE Champion, The Miz. As The Miz made his way to the ring, his entrance was temporarily halted by an ongoing LA Knight photo shoot, causing tensions to rise.

Later in the episode, The Miz took to the ring and wasted no time in addressing his grievances regarding the perceived disrespect from A Knight. Asserting his weariness of being treated with disregard, The Miz confronted Knight about his actions. Knight, in turn, reminded The Miz of their earlier encounter in the Slim Jim Battle Royal at WWE SummerSlam.

Declining Knight’s offer for a handshake, The Miz openly criticized Knight, suggesting that without his charisma, Knight’s prowess would diminish. Labeling Knight as an “Attitude Era fanboy,” The Miz dismissed his worthiness to share the ring. He emphasized his own 20-year journey in the industry and challenged Knight to explain his accomplishments over the past two decades.

In response, Knight countered by asserting his transformation into a formidable and dangerous competitor, while also accusing WWE of placing bets on the wrong talents, including The Miz. Knight recalled The Miz’s willingness to endure unfavorable treatment, contrasting it with his own resolve. He pointed out The Miz’s current career trajectory and contrasted it with his own ascending path. Knight saw The Miz as a stepping stone towards his ascent to the main event scene, while The Miz retaliated by asserting that Knight was not at his level.

As tension escalated, both contenders readied for combat. However, The Miz resorted to a sudden retreat, only to launch a surprise attack with the Skull Crushing Finale. Knight managed to evade the maneuver, leaving The Miz vulnerable to Knight’s counterattack, the Blunt Force Trauma, which incapacitated the former champion.

The intense altercation between A Knight and The Miz sets the stage for a potentially explosive rivalry that could reshape the landscape of WWE Raw.

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